Aquarium and Fishing

In 2009 we started to develop an aqua station. Currently there are three 50 litre aquariums, two 120 litre aquariums, one of 7000+ litre size, and the site is in a constant state of progress. Soon it will be a collection of native Paraguayan tropical fish as complete as possible, shown in miniature replicas of their original environment. We are also starting to offer expeditions to study and capture aquarium fish and plants.

We regularly hold courses for groups from universities and schools, as what we have at El Roble is unique within Paraguay. We would also be interested to form a partnership with a foreign university or organization.

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I have three lakes which provide excellent opportunities for fishing. During the year the mennonite often visit to expierence the peace and lush vegitation of El Roble and to fish and barbacue their catch. Fishing is also possible on the Rio Ypane and Rio Paraguay, although it is more of a challange.