Scientific Research

El Roble is an excellent base to explore Paraguay for scientific or academic research.
You tell me what you need and I will tell you how it can be done.

I have recently helped the following:

Robin Hanbury-Tenison (anthropologist): International survival.
Prof. Gary Dodson (entomologist): Ball State University.
Laurel Miller (journalist)
Monte Reel, National Genographic.
Dr. Koehler (a field herpetologist who found 98 species in 3 months): Seckenberg Institute Frankfurth
James England: The Argentinean Independent
Aquanet TV:

From Gary Dodson:

Just wanted to thank you again for the accommodation and insights you provided. We enjoyed our time at your place and appreciate all the effort you have put in to make it a good place for nature. We learned a lot, which is what we like. When you can add that to excellent food as well, it makes for good memories. If you should happen to have any insects show up at your place that you wonder what they might be and have a photo, I offer my assistance for at least a general identification (I won’t know individual species, of course, but at least families).

Good luck with the continuing evolution of your aquaculture and aquarium businesses.

Investing in Paraguay:
I am not a real estate agent – however – I have had 15 years experience living in Concepcion and have often been able to help those interesting in investing in land with trouble shooting and language issues. If you have any ideas feel free to contact me.