A big advantage of using Paraguay as your gateway to the bird life of South America, is that you will almost certainly not meet any other bird watchers. El Roble is situated right on the edge of the Chaco and Pantanal regions, which are known as two of the best places in South America to experience birds. The bird watcher has different options while staying at El Roble. Firstly they can simply stay on the farm and walk to the nearby rivers to explore the environment for themselves. Or, they can travel further afield, for which I can provide transport and advice.

Ornithologists Alice Hughes (University of Bristol) and Piotr Angiel (Warschau University) wrote the following trip description, and inventory of birds in a 30km radius around El Roble, in the winter of 2007 while they were staying with us.

Chaco trip
This trip requires at least half a day, because the area takes about 50 minutes to reach in a vehicle. Once there we go around the edge of a large lagoon, taking a road following a forest patch. During this part of the route it is possible the take smaller side routes into the forest – but return to the main route again, this part of the trip can reveal interesting birdlife, especially raptors.
Once an approximate semicircle has been skirted around then a line of trees should be clearly visible, which runs alongside a lagoon. This conceals a path, which should then be followed. This area has interesting wildlife, including snakes, caimen, large numbers of water birds, and possibly giant anteaters.
The end of the lagoon is marked by a comfortable resting place. The nearby area also has a large palm grove-this area can be explores, as it contains primates, Coati and possibly peccaries – however be sure to retrace your steps (angles can make it difficult to “guess” a return route). The path though the trees can then be followed back, or alternately the hiker can return along the other side of the creek-to have a better view of the water birds.
When in the vehicle it is often worth having a closer look at any lagoons by bridges, as these often attract large numbers of water birds, rhea may also be present in the scrub-land surrounding the route.

Amazon kingfisher
American anhinga
American kestrel
ash-colourd cuckoo
azure jay
azure shouldered tanager
band-tailed manakin
barred antshrike
bay-winged cowbird
black hooded parakeet
black throated mango
black vulture
black-collared hawk
black-hooded parakeet
blond-crested woodpecker
blue-crowned trogon
blue-winged parakeet
boat billed flycatcher
brown-colored flycatcher
burrowing owl
canary winged parakeet
cattle tyrant
chaco chachalaca
chestnut eared aracari
chimango caracara
collared forest falcon
cream-backed woodpecker
creamy billed gnatcatcher
crested caracara
field flicker
fork tailed flychather
giant wood-rail
gilded hummingbird
glittering bellied emerald
golden billed saltator
golden-green woodpecker
golden-winged cacique
grassland yellowfinch
Grater rhea
gray monjita
great egret
great kiskadee
great rufous woodcreeper
green cheeked parakeet
green ibis
green kingfisher
grey-hooded parakeet
grey-necked wood-rail
guaira cuckoo
house sparrow
jaribu stork
ladder-tailed nightjar
laughing falcon
lesser yellow headed vulture
little woodpecker
long-tailed nightjar
maguari stork
monk parakeet
narrow-billed woodcreeper
Olivaceous Elaenia
pale-crested woodpecker
pheaant cuckoo
plain-breasted ground dove
plumbeous ibis
plush-crested jay
purplish jay
red-billed scythebill
red-crested cardinal
red-rumped cacique
ringed kingfisher
roadside hawk
roseate spoonbill
ruddy ground dove
rufescent tigerheron
rufous -bellied thrush
rufous sided crake
rufus homero
rusty coloured seedeater
saffron finch
savannah hawk
sayaca tanager
scarlet headed blackbird
scissor-billed woodcreeper
screaming cowbird
smooth billed ani
snowy egret
solitary cacique
southern lapwing
spot-backed puffbird
spot-flanked gallinule
spotted tinamou
squirral cuckoo
streamer tailed tyrant
tataupa tinamou
toco toucan
turkey vulture
turquoise-frounted parrot
vermillion flycatcher
whistling heron
white banded mocking bird
white monjita
white throated caracara
white woodpecker
white-barred piculet
white-bellied seedeater
white-eyed parakeet
white-headed marsh tyrant
white-necked heron
yellow winged blackbird
yellow-billed cardinal
yellow-headed caracara