For many visitors to El Roble the food is a highlight. Almost all the ingredients are produced on the farm and I try hard to keep my farming techniques as close to nature as possible. Proof of the quality of our produce is shown through the contracts I have with some of the top restaurants in Asuncion for both meat and fish.

Everyday begins with freshly baked bread and home made jams, our own milk, butter, coffee, with fresh El Roble cream, and eggs still warm from the hens. As the day progresses my wife Andressa works tirelessly to produce a constant stream of fresh juices – mango, lemon, orange – to complement her famous (in Paraguay, at least) fish dishes of Surubi stew, a perfect soft orange colour – fried Tilapia to be eaten with hands and an oven roasted Pacu, which can feed up to four people with its delicate flesh. As a German I love my pork, in particular taken with a spicy paprika and beer sauce – although the pork is so fresh that fried plain it is superb.

We also take pride in producing delicious meals for vegetarians and vegans.

After dinner there is the opportunity to sample some of my special fermented alcoholic drinks, although these are not for the delicate or the nervous!

Dinner Party