How to Find Us

Getting to Conception:
You reach Concepcion with the bus as follows:
From Asuncion, via the chaco (5 hours – $20 US)
From Ciudad Del Este (8 hours approx – $20 US)
From Santa Cruz Bolivia, to Pozo Colorado, then change bus for Concepcion (without rain 20 hours – $100 US)
From Pedro Juan Cabello (5 hours – 10 US Dollars)

From the airport at Asuncion you can charter a plane to Concepcion.

Alternately we pick you up wherever you are in Paraguay by truck. There is a fixed price per km of 50 cents.

Male hitch hikers have good possibilities, female even better, but because of the excessive testosterone of Paraguayan machos it is not a very good idea.

Getting to El Roble from Concepcion:
Taxi: tell any taxi driver El Roble, KM 16 toward Belen. The cost is approx. G120,000 ($28)
Bus: buses to Belen run only up to midday. The cost is G10,000 ($2). Tell the driver to let you off at El Roble KM 16 toward Belen. It´s a dirt road and there is a big sign that says El Roble, keep your head up and you can´t miss it.


Google Earth Placemark (please download with right-click and ’save as‘).