Learn Spanish

We have many people arriving on the farm who have come from Spanish courses in large cities throughout South America. They often say the same thing: most of their time was spent with a group of Europeans whose communal language was English and they spent a lot of money but did not improve their Spanish as much as they had hoped. At El Roble we offer something different.
For students who want primarily to be speaking Spanish and have the opportunity to practice this Spanish with a wide group of people El Roble is a good place. During the day my wife Andresea can do conversation for between one and two hours. In the afternoon my children return from school and are always interested in conversation and games. My employees on the farm have their families close by and enjoy having guests around in the evening to sip terere. 3km’s up the road is Belen where there are also people to talk to, and in the town of Concepcion there are several people who are learning English and are extremely pleased by the opportunity to do some language exchange. It is also an easy place to make friends and hangout. The farm has local visitors – particularly at the weekend, which provides an excellent time to talk and practice.
I speak fluent English, German and Spanish and can answer most questions. Although do not expect in depth grammatical analysis.
I also have contact with an English teacher in Concepcion who can give more formal lessons if required at a good price.
This option is not for people who want clearly structured lessons and a formal learning environment – but for those who want to enter into a Spanish speaking community and simply talk, it is a good option.

The offer is for one month staying on the farm with full board.