General information about El Roble
We are situated 16km’s from Concepcion on the road to Belen. 2 km’s before Belen is a crossroads. Diesiseis is on the left, El Roble is a short distance on the right. There is a sign for El Roble pointing the way at this junction.
For everyone arriving at El Roble without transport the only option is full board. This includes everything outside of beer, cigars and activities. Included is private room, 3 meals a day, all facilities of El Roble – laundry, wide library in several languages, WIFI (except programs with excessive data consumption), all fruits in the trees, juices, tea, coffee etc. We have no problem providing a wide variety of foods for vegetarians, gluten free and those with diabetes.
El Roble is not a party place and sometimes you will be the only visitor. Nature and peace are the key things here. I am German but my wife is Paraguayan and our children speak four to five languages – except for the beer consumption, German specialties of food such as sauerkraut and smoked ham, this is not a German place.
El Roble is a place of nature. Consequently there are frogs in the rooms and snakes in the bushes. There are camping facilities but only with full board – which is 10 percent cheaper than a room (we do not rent tents).
We are unique. Our price is good. We do not haggle about money.
The price is sitting with the family at meal times. If you wish to eat alone and eat on demand, it is 40% more expensive. We do not take volunteers, but you are welcome to help on the farm if you wish to sweat a little and make the beer taste even better.

If you are planning to stay sometime in Concepcion please look here for full information about hotels, where to eat and what to do.
Whatever you are doing In Concepcion leave the bus at the only set of traffic lights in town. The bus stop is a little distance away and taxis rob tourists for this short journey back into town. All the hotels you want are on the main road down through town from the traffic lights to the port.

Contacting me
If you do not have a phone offer a passing Paraguayan 2000 guarani for the use of theirs. 0985 898446. If the first call does not work try again. Sometimes the Paraguayan phone system is less than perfect. Skype calls do not always work.
I check my email everyday but never before 12am. If there is no answer within 24hours then for some reason the email has failed to arrive.

There are buses to Concepcion from Asuncion all day. During the day they take between 6 to 8 hours. The Chaco bus is normally up to two hours quicker.
There is one bus from Ciudad del Este to Concepcion everyday. NASA 12.30 in the afternoon.
There is a single bus between Concepcion and Filadelfia – 7.15am leaving Concepcion and 11am leaving Filadelfia.

River Ferries
There is no longer a boat from Asuncion to Concepcion.
The Aquidaban leaves Concepcion every Tuesday for Bahia Negra at 11am and is 100 % reliable.
It is good to reserve a room and we do this for travellers staying at El Roble. We always arrive with plenty of time for immigration and the chance to buy goods for the journey.
Full information on the trip can be found here.

Investing in Paraguay:
I am not a real estate agent – however – I have had 15 years experience living in Concepcion and have often been able to help those interesting in investing in land with trouble shooting and language issues. If you have any ideas feel free to contact me.